The journey is not easy. Some days are harder than others. Often you find yourself staring at the mirror wondering how you are going to get this body of yours across the finish line.

Other days you fly. You move faster than you ever have. You barely touch the ground and every step is effortless. You never want to stop. You can't stop smiling

When you're cold, it's hard to move. Your bed feels warmer than usual, making the outside colder than ever. You tell yourself that next year, you'll pick a later race; because no matter how many layers you put on, it never stops being cold.
You make new friends while losing old ones. Only those who have dared to walk the trails you have can truly understand you. You understand them. In a matter of moments, you are close friends. And you realize as you walk away that you have inspired them as much as they have inspired you.

You find yourself doing things you never imagined. You face every fear you ever imagined several times. It's not fear. You're just excited because you're living. When you touch the edges of reason and discover who you really are—that's when you're living.


Some days you just want to give up. There is no longer any point in trying. The hills never stop and the pain ever increases. You put yourself in this place and somehow you've got to get home. You have never put so much trust in yourself.

Where others see impossibilities, you see possibilities. “The road less traveled,” by Robert Frost suddenly makes sense. You ignore the numbers and tell yourself it will all be worth it in the end. The numbers are markers. Goals.

You see things you have never seen before. You want to share the beauty with everyone around you. Pictures are static. The sky means more to you when you're grasping at its edges with every breath. Not everyone wants to try that hard.

In the end, no one can get you across the finish line but yourself. Everyone around you asks if it was all worth it. You hesitate to answer. You want to tell them the truth: Go find out for yourself…